White Porcelain

   Chinese porcelain has a long history and various brands. Apart from blue and white porcelain, painted Porcelain, White porcelain is also quite popular with its elegant simplicity. White Porcelain is with white porcelain body and transparent enamel. Although without decorative pattern and bright color, white porcelain has a kind of natural beauty in its elegant simplicity. White Porcelain Tea Set is exquisite in shape and elegant in decoration, and usually with Chinese painting and calligraphy, lyrical and inspiring. Besides, its transparent texture and white color set off the color of the tea. Therefore, white porcelain Tea Set is widely used.


   Made in Dehua, Fujian province, Dehua white porcelain is the representative white porcelain. Dehua white porcelain is considered as ivory white, lard white ware and white goose down owing to its tight texture and white color. It has a unique style in Chinese white porcelain system, significant position in the history of porcelain, and the reputation of “oriental art” internationally.  

    It is said that in Kaiyuan period of Tang dynasty, the emperor, Tang Xuanzong doted on Concubine Yang very much for her beauty and gentleness. In order to win her heart ,Tang Xuanzong made much effort on it.

    Concubine Yang is good at music, not only in singing and dancing, but also in playing the chime stone. One day, when Concubine Yang was drinking with Xuanzong, she broke a white porcelain wineglass by accident, making a sound that is like breaking jade. However, the sound was favored a lot by Concubine Yang. So in order to please his love, Xuanzong commanded his men to make chime stone with white porcelain to please Concubine Yang. Though the white porcelain made by official Kiln at that time looked beautiful and exquisite, the sound of hitting was dull, which didn’t make Concubine Yang happy.

    In order to satisfy Concubine Yang, Xuanzong commanded to call out skilled craftsmen who can make the white porcelain chime stone with clear and melodious voice. Those men would be awarded of thousands of gold, and his white porcelain would be regarded as official kiln. After three months of the command, there were many white porcelain chime stone being provided to the palace, but none of them is qualified.

    At that time, a white porcelain chime stone from Dehua, Fujian province was provided, and Concubine Yang liked it very much. Seeing his love so happy, Xuanzong awarded the craftsmen of gold and reputation. After that, Dehua white porcelain is regarded as one of the official kiln.

    Dehua kiln has a long history and experiences a lot, leaving a glorious chapter in the history of china’s porcelain. In the international world, “Chinese White” has been a synonym of Dehua white porcelain. According to historical records, “Chinese white” is the superior porcelain. Dehua white porcelain is also praised as “the mother of the world’s white porcelain”.