Moon-white glazed Jun porcelain tea set

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Moon-white glazed Jun porcelain tea set
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Lu Jun Kiln

Product Introduction

The featured moon-white Jun stoneware tea set, is an eye-catcher on any well-set table. The quality of the Jun Porcelain is fine and the typical color of moon-white makes the Porcelain solid like the jade. 

The hard and fine clay applied a good condition to shape each unit of this Tea Set. The glaze is thick but bright which is also opaque. The quite surface of the glaze generally presents the color of moon-white, and looking smooth with luster.The tea set presents a strong artistic conception of Chinese style, especially the gourd tin, incense burner.

Moon-white glazed Jun porcelain tea set can customize the shape, size, color, design and packing.  Welcome to Contact us if there are any needs.