Secret Glaze Tea Set

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Secret Glaze Tea Set
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Lu Jun Kiln

Product Introduction

The Secret Glaze is the most mysterious and legend glazing color in Chinese ceramic history.For the reason to use “secret” as name, on the one hand, it is because the technique of the glazing color is secret and it is dedicated for Tang emperor’s worshiping of Buddha; on the other hand, it is to express a kind of beauty which is beyond description. 

The formula of secret glaze has been lost since the Tang dynasty, whose descendants Jun, Ru, Yue kilns have imitated it but can't achieve. What on earth is the “secret color”? The subject is argued for thousands of years, and its existence is almost a legend. Until 1987, 14 pieces secret color glaze treasures were unearthed from the underground palace of the Famen Temple, the secret glaze Porcelain finally presented in front of the world in the form of real objects.

The techniques of secret color glaze were successfully recovered by Lu Jun Kiln in the 1990s.

Artists worship concise, primitive simplicity, elegant, balance of aesthetics in the song dynasty, and they carefully design and shape each piece. Both elegant furnishings and utensils, such as Tea Set, dinnerware, wine set containing living art quality all merge with the calm of life.

Secret Glaze Tea Set can customize the shape, size, color, design and packing.  Welcome to Contact us if there are any needs.