Secret glaze dinnerware

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Secret Glaze Dinnerware
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Lu Jun Kiln

Product Introduction

In the 1980s, a storm opened the Famen temple's secret underground, the archeologists found 13 pieces of secret color Porcelain. It is also found that the inscription records confirmed that the earliest in the world the most beautiful imperial Porcelain. this discovery cause a sensation in china and even the world, and let people feel the truly striking beauty of secret color porcelain.

These unearthed porcelain bowls, plates and dishes are with green and yellow color, crystal moist. It is found that the Yue Kiln reached an epoch-making peak until the late Tang Dynasty, superb skills have integrated full shape, fluent ornamentation and ice-like glaze.

The techniques of secret color glaze were successfully recovered by Lu Jun Kiln in the 1990s. With the development until now, we adopt the advanced process to change the artwork of Secret Glaze porcelain to the daily use Dinnerware Sets, with the royal standard to bring you the enjoyment of beauty and elegant.

Secret glaze dinnerware can customize the shape, size, color, design and packing.  Welcome to Contact us if there are any needs.