Bean Green Glaze Ru Porcelain Tea Set

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Bean Green Glaze Ru Porcelain Tea Set

Product Introduction

The beauty of this Tea Set is originated from the glaze, with the features of smoothness and elegance. Whenever we talk about the glaze, we always use the word of "gentle", "mild", "fatty", "jade-like" to emphasis its texture . And when we touch and appreciate it, we can feel the above features. Ru porcelain has the same feeling as human skin, both bionic and humanized imitation. Ru porcelain bean green glaze tea set, allowing you not only to enjoy the tea, and at the same time let you feel Ru Porcelain glaze's mysterious and jade-like smooth touch, experience Ru Porcelain's delicacy and elegance.

Bean green tea set--1 teapot, 1 sharing pot, 6 tea cups

Rare and beautiful Ru porcelain teapot

Handmade delicate sharing pot

High-end quality

Subtle crackles--Typical features of Ru porcelain

Bean Green Glaze Ru Porcelain Tea Set can customize the shape, size, color, design and packing.  Welcome to Contact us if there are any needs.