Magic pot (Double color wine set)

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Magic pot (Double color wine set)

Product Introduction

Designed by Chen Wenzeng, a great master in Ding Porcelain. The function of the pot is the integration of usability, art and entertainment. It is the highly conjunction of contemporary Chinese Ding Porcelain culture and wine culture. It won national patent in 2001 (Patent No. ZI00207126.6).


1.Open the plug, pour into A and B wines respectively.

2.With right hand hold pot, thumb press pot lid, under the handle have two small holes C & D hole, index finger close C hole, B wine will be out; close D hole, A wine will be out.

3.The plug is made by silica gel imported from Japan, non-toxic and tasteless, but easy to slip when meet water, you can cushion the plug with a dry towel to pull out. Do not use metal lever to move, lest damage.

Magic pot (Double color wine set) can customize the shape, size, color, design and packing.  Welcome to Contact us if there are any needs.