Moon-white glazed dinnerware

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Moon-white glazed dinnerware
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Lu Jun Kiln

Product Introduction

Jun Porcelain is considered as gem quality and natural color from the royal kiln. It is the aesthetic essence of Song dynasty.

The beauty of the dinnerware is derived from the moon-white glaze, with simple, quietly elegant style. The color of moon-white is lighter than sky-blue, bright and clear as moonlight, with jade-like texture, making a sense of gentleness and sweetness. Therefore, Jun ware is honored as “Comparing with jade, Jun kiln is more beautiful than jade”, “Like jade, not jade, Jun Kiln is superior to jade”.The perfect choice for a stylishly kitchen.

Moon-white glazed dinnerware can customize the shape, size, color, design and packing.  Welcome to Contact us if there are any needs.