Porcelain Dinner Plates

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Product Name:
Porcelain Dinner Plates
Size Available:
5"-12" different size
Microwave Safe:
Dishwasher Safe:

Product Introduction

Porcelain Dinner Plates

We offer dinnerware and drink ware in variety shapes and sizes for optional. Shapes, sizes and image design can be customized according to your requirements.

It is suitable for everyday heavy use in dishwasher without any loss to quality and appearance and safe for microwave heating.

Each piece is with unique design, distinguished by its elegant lines and exquisitely attractive design.

All Porcelain adopts high quality food grade material with lead-free and cadmium-free, and burned at 1300 degree high temperature, to ensure the Porcelain is totally Health for dinning.

With high strength, high thermal stability features, Lifespan is 3-5 times than the ordinary ceramic, and is most suitable for disinfection tableware in all the daily porcelain.