Secret Glaze Wine Set

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Secret Glaze Wine Set
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Lu Jun Kiln

Product Introduction

The “secret color” means that “confidential glaze formula”. Therefore, the “secret color Porcelain” is the glaze formula confidential Porcelain. The special glaze formula of secret color porcelain can produce porcelains with ice-like and jade-like appearance. The glaze layer is particularly thin and has a strong combination with carcass. Its body wall is very thin, with smooth surface, full shape and uniform glaze. Therefore, this formula is confidential, dedicated to the burning of royal porcelain. Later, all the glaze formula confidential porcelain, are called “secret color porcelain”.

Secret color porcelain was carried to a mysterious position, mainly because it’s extremely difficulty in technique. The quality of celadon glaze porcelain, in addition to glaze formula, almost entirely relies on the grasp of furnace. The glaze can be entirely different with different heat and atmosphere. To make the glaze green, uniform net, and stable to burn the same glaze, the kind of difficult technology must be top secret. Secret color porcelain was fired successfully in the late Tang Dynasty, and soon, Qian's Wu Yue country in the five generations put the secret color porcelain Kiln under the official, ordered it to burn porcelain only for royal court.

The techniques of Secret Glaze were successfully recovered by Lu Jun Kiln in the 1990s. It combines this fire and earth to be the ultimate art and bring this experience into everyday life, whether it is wine, tea or dinnerware, all bring unparalleled beauty to enjoy.

The glazing colors of Lu Jun kiln which pursue natural beauty benefit from traditional aesthetic ideas. A remarkable feature of Chinese traditional esthetics is the advocating of nature and reality and takes the natural and simple beauty as the model of the ideal beauty. This kind of advocating and pursuit to the natural beauty has profound influence to the aesthetic consciousness of the Chinese nation and the development of Chinese art.

Secret Glaze Wine Set can customize the shape, size, color, design and packing.  Welcome to Contact us if there are any needs.